“A frozen wave of sandstone” – This is how I would try to describe this magic place in one short sentence. After a first visit in the year 2000, I continuously keep coming to this place. Here, some works from my ongoing series “Landart – The Wave” …

Landart - The Wave

Landart - The Wave

Landart - The Wave

Landart - The Wave

Bad weather is good weather for the landscape photographer. If I remember one shooting where this statement could not be more to the point, then it was at Lake Powell back in 2005.

Thunderstorm over Lake Powell

Strong contrast

Clearing Storm

Rainbow over Lake Powell

sun and rain

Just a ray of light

Black Water

The biggest challenge was to keep the camera gear dry and working. With strong winds from the side, water was everywhere. But it was absolutely worth challenging man and gear. After only 15 minutes, this spectacular shooting was over.

The Wave below the ground is a pretty matching description for the Slot Canyons. Pure magic of forms, shapes and light.

Sandstone extrusion. Slot Canyons

Deep core. Slot Canyons

Mineral deposition. Slot Canyons

Interleaved. Slot Canyons

The edge. Slot Canyons

Mystic path. Slot Canyons

Ray of light. Slot Canyons

Small and marginal. Slot Canyons

Difficult terrain should not stop one from getting to fascinating places. The Narrows located in Zion National Park are a good example. The best angle – close to the surface of the water – called for me and the tripod to be standing in the middle of the stream for most of the shots.

The Narrows - Zion National Park

side arm - Zion National Park

Black Pearls in silent waters

The Guard - no one ever passed here

near the Subway - Zion National Park

inside the Subway

In order to transport the special atmosphere down there, I decided to make the enlargements as Cyanotype Prints.

Razor sharp – This is the only description that can do justice to the lava fields in the Vulcano National Park, Hawaii.

The enormous power and dynamics of this liquid landscape is unrivaled.

Vulcano National Park - Hawaii

Lava Formation I

Lava Formation II

Crack in Lava Field

String of Lava

Solidified Lava Blister

after the daily rain falls

there is not much needed to survive

White Blossom on Lava Field

The enormous dimensions of the Grand Canyon alone make it a spectacular place. The beauty of this location, already intensively studied by Ansel Adams, is breathtaking.

More than one mile down. Grand Canyon

Remote Island. Grand Canyon

South Rim. Grand Canyon

Side Canyon at sunset. Grand Canyon

Cape Royal. Grand Canyon

Colorado River. Seen from South Rim. Grand Canyon

Yosemite National Park is probably most known for its massive granite dome, split in half millions of years ago. With a rise of 1.4 km above the valley it became the iconic rock formation of the Park. The best time to capture it in a cross sectional view is from Glacier Point early in the morning.

Half Dome. Yosemite National Park

Morning fogs over Half Dome. Yosemite National Park


2 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. wow what an insperational set of photographs .
    i am blown away by them they will inspire me when i am out shooting in rock formations . i do a lot of abstract photos . and never thought of doing them in black and white . these are truley amasing photographs .
    i was on the tors on dartmoor last week taking photos of rock formations , i now after seeing your photogrpahs cant wait to go back and explore with a new eagerness to redo my shots this time in black and white .
    thank you for sharing these photographs with us all out in the world .

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