Abandoned Places

Broken down, fallen apart, probably not there any more in the near future. This all applies to ruinous buildings and old factory sites. For me they all have one thing in common: An almost magical appeal.

'Level 0', Malzfabrik, Berlin

'Level 1', Malzfabrik, Berlin

'Level 2', Malzfabrik, Berlin

'Into the Light', Malzfabrik, Berlin

'My Room', Malzfabrik, Berlin

'Under the Roof', Malzfabrik, Berlin

Thanks to many breweries in Berlin there are places like the above ones in the original state.

through the fence

hungry ?

top view

Eisfabrik, Berlin-Mitte

inside view - Eisfabrik

Spindlers Feld, laundry, inside view

insdie view, laundry Spindlers Feld

backyard old factory site, Berlin Koepenick

backyard tracks

Ghost town. Mining City. Bodie is one of the more famous examples of an abandoned city. In 1879 around 6000 people where living and working here. Since 1962 the place in the Bodie Hills east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is an “authentic Wild West ghost town”.

Backyard view. Bodie

School house. Bodie. Geography lessons ?

My Car. My house


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