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A camera is a tool. This does not sound too emotional and is a true statement in the first place. A camera is a device to transform an idea or a concept of an image into a Photograph.

The point is, that for every assignment or project one can chose the best possible tool to achieve the best possible result. This is of course very personal.

In this section of my blog, I will tell you about my journey from DSLR to the mirror-less FUJIFILM X-series cameras.

It all started after one of those days where you sit on a plane back home and you feel really tired. Not so much because of the job itself but more because of all the hustle with getting all the gear on location, setting everything up, taking test shots etc. A huge Photo-backpack plus a trolley – that’s a large weight and volume. With my brain telling me that ‘professional equipment’ has to be like this, my heart and soul kept pushing me to think out of the box. Then change happened. Having tried a FUJIFILM X-Pro1 for two days, I had a strong feeling, that this little mirror-less camera with a marvelous 35mm prime lens might be the beginning of something new and interesting.

The rest is history. Being a People & Portrait, Event and Architecture Photographer the FUJIFILM X-system offers everything I need from a camera – and more than that!

Knowing your gear better makes it easier to achieve the best possible results. I recommend you might want to read some of my recent postings (“Knowing your gear”, part 1, part 2 and part 3). Teaser: The last part is tackling the web’s favorite topic “The AF is so/too slow”. I would love to read your comments and findings on that.

Today, I am using both for professional and private use a variety of X-cameras, X-Pro2, X-T2 and the X100F as my “always with me” camera. Feel free to check out my “SINGLE MOMENTS” project on Flickr.

If I would have to chose one single camera out of the family, it would be most likely the actual model of the X100 series – Why ? You can read the answers in my “Mastering the FUJI X100T & X100S” book.

Nothing about the GFX? The medium format monster …. Don’t worry … I have been working with this amazing camera during the GFX-Roadshow and will come back to it later.

In the following sections, I am talking about the various camera models and lenses. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with me and all the readers here. Thank you.



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