Future X

FUJIFILM is known to be a very innovative camera developer  always listening to their customers – Us Photographers.

If you could send them a wish list of new or modified features of our favourite X-cameras. What would you like to see in a future model ?

Here’s my personal X-series camera wish list:

X-Pro M

Right now, I am totally happy with the X-Pro2 but there’s always room for improvement, am I right?

  • Dedicated Fine Art Photography Firmware to transform the camera into a X-Pro Monochrome. No color film simulations, instead maybe another black and white film simulation (FP 100c silk, FP 3000B professional, Neopan 1600 and if I might dream the Agfa Scala or something really close to it). In addition the possibility to store custom film simulations, where all the already existing parameters like “shadow”, “highlight”, “grain” and color filters can be saved giving the own creation a nice name.
  • Less is more – no more Advanced filters
  • No video. For me and many other X-Pro Shooters this camera is a still camera
  • Possibility to insert the Photographers’ name in the .exif data of the image files
  • later maybe even with a X-Trans-monochrome sensor 



Taking pretty much all the nice new features out of the X-Pro2 and packing them in the new T-model …

  • X-Pro2 (or better) Processor
  • X-Pro2 sensor (24 MP X-Trans III)
  • X-Pro2 Focus-Point selector “joystick”
  • Dual SD card slot
  • shutter up to 1/8000 and 1/250 synch speed
  • 4k video



That would be the first medium format FUJIFILM X-series camera and simply a “blown up” version of the actual X-100T. I would be the first one to order this model – For FUJIFILM it could be a good indicator if the market wants a camera like this. Release date? Why not summer 2018?

  • 6×4,5 or 6×9 (?) medium format X-Trans sensor (around 50 MP)
  • fixed focal length lens (55 oder 80mm)
  • wide angle and tele conversion lenses


X-Pro MF

Having the X-Pro series as medium format interchangeable lens system. Wow, how cool would that be? The lenses are actually already there. As we know, FUJINON is the provider of lenses for Hasselblad. All experiences gained from the X-200 would make the step to a full MF system not a dramatic one. As we all know the X-200 would sell like crazy, the management in Japan will decide to present it to the public during Photokina 2020.


Please feel free to comment and add your ideas, concepts and wishes ! 



5 thoughts on “Future X

  1. Video is definitely a must have. It will become more and more important in the future. Fuji produced some really great lenses and all we need is a camera that an capture video with these lenses. It’s a pity that I would need to carry around another system to shoot video. Olympus or Panasonic with it’s m43 maybe? But this soon would raise the questions: Why not complete shoot with m43. Is it worth to carry around two camera systems? Nope!

    So again…4K video is a must.

  2. Hi Peter! I use my X100T almost daily. There is always room for improvements and innovation. Thinking in realisitc terms weather resistance (is indispensable!), improved 23mm lens, still beeing able to use the 2 WCL and TCL adapters and in general all the features the X-T2 has now but packed in this excellent fixed lens body! I’m a street fotographer, small, versatile, discrete but with a top optic and a top sensor (24 MP X-Trans III) will keep Fujifilm in this segment leading over any other brand! Cheers from the Philippines (My gear: Fujifilm X100T, Panasonic, a old Yashica 6x 6 film and a old GoPro)

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