Over the last few years, I wrote a couple of tutorials on important topics like Monitor Calibration, Fine Art Printing, Custom black & white Workflow and Photo Archiving.

Now, these documents are also all listed here:

» Monitor Calibration
» Photo Archiving
» Custom Event Workflow
» Fineart Printing
» Custom b & w workflow
» Analog Printing Techniques

Recommendation: Download and print the .pdf files and keep them in your Photo bag

» Cheat Sheet 1 (small size, Blende, Zeit, ISO (German))
» Cheat Sheet 2 (larger size, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure (English))
» Cheat Sheet 3 (larger size, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO (English))
» Cheat Sheet 4 (medium size, shutter speed, aperture, ISO (English))
» Cheat Sheet 5 (large size, tips for the ‘perfect picture’ (English))
» Cheat Sheet 6 (medium size, aperture and depth of field (English))

I try to maintain these documents regularly and keep them updated.

( last update: 10.11.2016 )


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