I work as a people, event and commercial photographer & photo coach and follow the maxim that each single image has to be consistent with my artistic vision of the subject. This is my interpretation of Fine Art Photography.

I am based in Berlin, Germany but available for commissioned work worldwide.

“Spending time with Peter Fauland’s photographs of the famous sandstone formation known as ‘The Wave’ is very much like immersing oneself in the otherworldly fiction of J.G. Ballard. In both instances one has the sense of being swept into a metaphysical realm where past and future coalesce in beautiful but uneasy balance. ‘The Wave’ consists of sand dunes that over millions of years ossified into strange liquid shapes on the Coyote Buttes in Arizona’s Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area.
They have long acted as a magnet on photographers, who are fascinated by the formations’ atavistic ambience and seduced by the range and intensity of their color palette.
Yet color representations of these weird rock shapes, with their sweeping lines and hard/soft texture, somehow fail to fully convey their hypnotic power. Fauland has wisely opted for a starker representation.”

(Dean Brierly for Black and White Magazine)

Many years ago, running over the pages of a travel magazine, I spotted a small and rather unimposing photograph of some rolling hills scenery. The surreal look, the strength of razor sharp swingled lines, the richness in tonality was breathtaking and I thought to myself: “This is a place I want to see at least once in my life!”

I started investigating and it took quite some time before I read an enthusiastic article, written by a landscape photographer, about a place he recalled to be known as “The Wave”. If I had to summarize in one phrase, what this mystic place is all about, I would say it`s a frozen wave of sandstone. I did not let up and in autumn 2001, I was finally rewarded, finding myself in front of liquid rocks.

Since 2010 a large number of students joined one (sometimes several) of our workshops and photography courses. Please check out the SCHOOL section of this website. A growing series of tutorials on various topics (including monitor calibration, my custom made black and white digital work flow and Fine Art Printing can be found here).

Publications (selected works)

06/2015 – ‘Mastering the FUJIFILM X100T/X100S’, Rocky Nook publishing
12/2014 – solo exhibition ‘L’ecrou’, Galerie 17, Paris
02/2014 – FUJIFILM X Magazin, Issue 03, page 7c
12/2013 – ZEISS Lens Blog, EPFL Rolex Learning Center
02/2013 – featured Photographer on theCornerMagazine
12/2013 – ZEISS Lens Blog, EPFL Rolex Learning Center
02/2013 – featured Photographer on theCornerMagazine
10/2012 – Ausstellung ‘Brigitta’s Home’, Galerie Kunstkammer, Berlin
05/2012 – solo exhibition ‘Femme et Mer’ on the Theaterkahn, Berlin
04/2012 – artwork for the CD “Morin Smole, Montmartre”
01/2012 – featured photographer on photopeka.com
11/2011 – exhibition ‘Femme et Mer’ at UFO Studios, Berlin
03/2011 – Portfolio in Photography Served
01/2011 – Portfolio in Photographer & Muse
01/2011 – featured photographer on behance.net
09/2010 – “All photographers Now”, Nuit des Musées, EPFL Rolex Learning Center
07/2010 – listed in the “Who’s Who in Visual Art”, Vol. 2011
11/2009 – Selected works on SeenBy.de
09/2009 – Title picture on Fotocommunity.de – Institute of Science
05/2008 – Spotlight Feature Article in B & W Magazine – Issue 59, June 2008
12/2007 – The World’s Greatest Black & White Photography Vol 1, book BASIL
06/2007 – Article in fine art printer magazine, munich, germany
04/2007 – Solo exhibition at faim? restaurant, geneva, Switzerland
02/2007 – “All photographers Now”, Musee de l’Elysee. Lausanne, Switzerland
02/2007 – exhibition of Landart – The Wave at Marziart, Hamburg, Germany
12/2006 – 3d place category Nature – The Spider Awards
03/2006 – ‘Wintergarden’ article in the Tate etc. Magazine
11/2005 – Variety Magazine , de La Warr Pavillion, England
10/2005 – on the spot ART , Zuerich, Switzerland
05/2005 – photographers.it
03/2005 – ‘Emotions in Motion’ exhibition, Paola Trevisan Arte , Ferrara, Italy
02/2004 – Miniportfolio on Digital Outback Photo
02/2004 – British Journal of Photography
02/2004 – ‘International Library of Photography’
04/2003 – PHOTOGRAPHIE magazine
10/2002 – Middle East Photography magazine
09/2002 – International Library of Photography
04/2002 – Agfa Surfers’ Gallery
01/2002 – Schwarz-Weiss magazine


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