Happy New Year 2018

I want to use a few minutes of your time and Thank You for a great 2017 with many interesting projects, cool workshops and lots of fun during various excursions.

We will continue exactly following this spirit of “We are all a big family of Photographers”. The new 2018 program will be online on school.fauland-photography.com very soon (Please check it out in the next couple of days).

Two special workshops already take place in January and February 2018:

On the 13th of January everybody who is interested in the FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium format system can join us for one day of Fine Art Architecture Photography in Berlin.

Fine Art Architecture

Motel One, Berlin.

All info and booking options can be found on the FUJIFILM SCHOOL Website.

On the 17th of February a small group of interested Photographers has the chance to explore the former Soviet Army areal Wünsdorf (less than one hour drive from Berlin).

Lost Places Wünsdorf

Entrance hall. Theatre Soviet Army, Wünsdorf.

All info and booking options can be found on the FUJIFILM SCHOOL Website.

Feel free to contact us in case of questions. Both workshops come as an “all inclusive package” with catering, the possibility to test FUJIFILM cameras and lenses (please let us know in advance if you are interested in specific gear) and tons of input to push your photographic skills to the next level.


For now, I wish all of us a few peaceful days with family and loved ones before we kick off the final big party of the year and welcome the New Year 2018 …




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