Peakdesign: Leash and Cuff 2.0

Today, a little “unboxing posting” (Don’t worry no video). Since a few weeks there are some rumors and teaser videos out on the inter webs about new cool gear coming over from San Francisco – the headquarter of PeakDesign. So, the visit of the post man was wistfully anticipated.

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It is true. There’s a version 2.0 both of the camera wrist strap CUFF and the ultralight camera strap LEASH. Let’s have a closer look …

As a kid trashing the packaging of any present was sometimes more fun than the gift itself. That’s for sure different here. Still, I would like to point out how nicely designed the packaging is. All bits and pieces are safely packed and present themselves in the most elegant way.

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Both are the next evolution of the existing versions (still on sale). In short, they are more elegant and come up with a few smart new features.

CUFF is the perfect on-demand drop protection for your smaller or mid-size camera. No worries you can also attach more heavy gear via the anchor link system (It holds up to 200+ lbs / 90+ kg !) if you want to. The length is easily adjusted from 5 in to 11,5 in (12 to 29 cm).

The shiny metal piece allows a quick adjustment from loose and relaxed to tight and extra secure. When no camera is attached, the magnetic clasp allows to use CUFF as a stylish bracelet.

Having a look at LEASH, the most visible difference to version 1 is the stylish camel brown leather patch with a small black strap on top.  This forms a little loop allowing for one-handed fast adjustment of the length. The strap itself comes in light grey color.

Peak design, New leash and cuff straps.

Adjusting the length of LEASH 2.0 with one hand. Fast and simple.

Being small and light, LEASH fits in practically any pocket and allows for at least three ways to carry your camera: In super stable sling style, as shoulder strap or the classic way – around your neck. Thanks to the ultra smooth webbing it glides like a charm on any clothes you might be wearing. As seen in the image above, the length can be adjusted from 32 in up to 57 in (81 to 145 cm).

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Especially when used with smaller non-DSLR style cameras the new anchors with their much thinner dual layer cables come in handy. As mentioned in the beginning – they are rated up to 200+ lbs (90+ kg) and feature a “replacement warning”. Should the inner red core ever become visible, it’s time to replace the anchor.

Peak design, New leash and cuff straps.

The new (top) and old (bottom) anchors, which does not have the described dual layer design.

PeakDesign proves again and again that even the ‘perfect piece of gear’ can always be improved. The enormous amount of thought that goes in every single aspect of any product of their range makes them a pure pleasure to use. In my case on a daily basis. They say ‘form follows function’ – I see that a little different: Functionality engineered to perfection should be housed in a ‘form’ that is unobtrusive, elegant, modern and timelessly beautiful.

While I personally prefer the SLIDE and SLIDE LITE for bigger and more heavy cameras like the FUJIFILM X-T2 (with battery grip) or even the FUJIFILM GFX medium format camera, LEASH and CUFF are perfect for any slightly smaller and less heavy camera.

I would say the only thing left to do is to send you directly over to the PeakDesign Website where you find all details and the full range of products.

Feel free to share your experiences with us …

Finishing note: 1% of each purchase supports ‘One Percent for the planet‘ (The Conversion Alliance).  


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