SkyScapes (single_moments#005050817)

As long as I can remember, I was fascinated by the magic of moving cloud formations. Here we have a short (roughly 2 minute long) time-lapse sequence shot downtown Berlin. The shooting technique is rather simple. A sturdy tripod, sufficient size memory card and power for the camera and some manual settings. That’s basically it.

Let me go into this a bit more in detail. I used a FUJIFILM X-T2 with the battery grip attached. This gives 3 batteries (1300 mAh each) to allow something like 1000 to 1500 frames without changing batteries. Whenever there is permanent power available, the power adapter and DC-coupler come in very handy. In order to maximise the shooting time when no external power source is available it’s recommendable to reduce the power consumption as much as possible by going to ‘normal’ or ‘eco’ in the power management settings and switching off sensor cleaning. Depending on the time interval set, the camera might otherwise perform a cleaning after every single shot! The lens used was the FUJINON XF18/2.0 – a small and compact medium-wide-angle lens.

I prefer to set the focus to manual to avoid the camera trying to refocus – especially at night this can spare some trouble (a bright and clear, easy to focus spot during daytime might be just a black hole at night). For this time-lapse here, the camera was set to ISO-automatic (with a max. value of 1600 to keep the noise totally invisible) and f=4. In order to achieve a slightly cold overall look the white balance was set to 4300 K, and the PROVIA film simulation (with fine tuned shadows -2, high lights +1. Brightening up the really dark parts and pronouncing the high lights just a little).

Enjoy the final sequence here.  

Post Production was kept very basic here. The Image files are sooc (straight out of camera) as the overall look was carefully set up beforehand – no problem. Downsizing in Photoshop and then the creation of the time-lapse sequence with Quicktime Player. iMovie comes in handy to add a title or credits at the end. Et voila.

Thanks for watching and

Stay tuned ….


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